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Communication with owners

Discussing a horse's weight and condition with an owner can be difficult. To help broach the subject and engage owners, we've called on the expertise of social scientist, Tamzin Furtado. 

Tamzin, who works at the University of Liverpool and has extensive experience in global health, has a specific interest in how human behaviour change can improve the management of obesity in horses. 

She has created some simple and effective guidance for vets and nurses to help communicate with owners and bring out positive change which yields results.

Downloads and resources

Common misinterpretations

A poster providing examples of how owners can misunderstand what you're saying when discussing their horse's weight.

Download the poster

Equine weight management guide

This guide is designed for owners to help them to create a weight management plan for their horses by encouraging them to consider changes they can make to help their horse lose weight.

Download the guide

Motivational interviewing

As a recommended evidence-based approach to behaviour change, motivational interviewing can be useful when discussing obesity with owners.

Read the article

Addressing obesity

This article, written by Tamzin Furtado, provides advice for vets on addressing the elephant in the room, and discussing obesity with owners.

Read the article

Human behaviour change

This article explores human behaviour change in equine behaviour using insights from a COM-B analysis of the UK's equine obesity epidemic.

Read the article

Exploring owner's understanding

Tamzin Furtado, Elizabeth Perkins, Gina Pinchbeck, Catherine McGowan, Francine Watkins and Robert Christley have written this article to explore owner's understanding of weight management in horses.

Read the article

Equine weight

Alison Talbot has shared this presentation for you to use a reference for your own presentations or simply to provide further advice to owners on equine weight.

Download the presentation