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Join BEVA Council

BEVA is run by equine vets, for equine vets. 

Nominations for BEVA council are now closed. All eligible members will be invited to vote between Wednesday 5 August and Wednesday 2 September 2020.

Why volunteer

Volunteering on BEVA Council gives you the opportunity to get involved in the work BEVA does, from working with other associations and organisations through to working on projects that tackle equine veterinary welfare topics and improve the working lives of equine vets. 

It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and help shape the future of the equine veterinary profession. 


BEVA Council members sit on one or more of our committees and each committee work on a number of projects and activities that tackle a wide range of topical veterinary and welfare subjects. This ranges from working with Government and being part of working groups with other charities, associations and organisations through to running BEVA-led campaigns to improve the working lives of equine vets and the welfare of the horse.

All council members come together for two annual meetings and committees meet up to four times a year.

The Latest News from BEVA Council

Take a look at what BEVA Council have been working on recently to find out about the projects and work you could be involved in if you were to join BEVA Council.

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How to Join Council

To join Council you need to take part in our annual elections. All Council members are elected by the membership and stand for an initial three year term. On completion of the first term council members are invited to stand for re-election for a second term of three years..

Council elections take place once a year between May and July. All Ordinary and Concessionary members are invited to submit a nomination to join council. Nominations are online and overseen by Civica, an independent  provider of election and voting services. Members submitting a nomination must be proposed and seconded by two other BEVA members,

Online voting is open to ordinary and concessionary BEVA members in August and closes early September each year. New council members are confirmed and approved at the  AGM in September, which this year will take place virtually.  

Nominations for our 2020/21 Council are now closed. We will be recruiting new council members next year and further information will be announced in May 2021. 

For any further details or information on council or the election please contact Fiona Cunnington.