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Safer Horse Rescues

We support the emergency services by ensuring they can access veterinary assistance when called out to a rescue involving a horse. Our practice directory ensures the emergency services can quickly and easily find a vet in the local area and our emergency rescue fund ensures the vet fees are covered in the absence of a horse owner.

Emergency Rescue Fund

If your practice has incurred expenses during an emergency rescue and you are unable to trace the owner or they are refusing to pay then you can make a claim to the Emergency Rescue Fund. 

To make a claim please download and complete the claim form. Once completed please email the form and invoice to us for processing.

Please note all invoices will need to be laid out in the following way for the claim to be accepted by the Emergency Rescue Fund Committee:

  • Vets time at £72.53 per hour (current LVI rate) including travel time and attendance
  • Mileage at 45p per mile
  • Vet purchase price of drugs (including VAT) plus 15% to cover storage costs etc