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For Equine Vets Everywhere


Our Safer Horse Rescues initiative was set up in order to ensure the emergency services can access veterinary assistance in the extraction of a horse in need. Whilst in most cases the owner is present to request help from their vet, there are some occasions when a horse is left with no one to call for help or pick up the bill - this is where our initiative comes in. 

We've collated the details of practices across the UK who are willing to attend such cases into our Safer Horse Rescues List. This resource allows the emergency services to quickly and easily find a vet in the local area, preventing any delay in response. Furthermore, our Emergency Rescues Fund will cover the vet's fee as we believe that the absence of a horse's owner should not preclude the immediate attendance of a vet when that animal is injured or distressed following an accident or entrapment. 

If you would like your practice to be listed please send your contact details to us via email. Alternatively, if you are already on the list and your details have changed, please let us know. 


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