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Ensuring the profession thrives

We promote and lead the equine veterinary community by providing tools and resources to ensure individuals working in equine healthcare thrive so that high standards of equine health and welfare are championed globally.

Our community is made up of 4,000+ members globally

We publish 200+ research papers every year

We run 50+ practical CPD courses every year

BEVA Council BEVA Council

Who we are

BEVA is run by vets who volunteer their time to make our profession better. Together we are committed to working to improve the working lives of our members and ensuring that we continue to maintain high standards of equine health and welfare.
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What we do

We make sure that our members are represented and their voices are heard through the projects we work on. We bring the profession together through our network. And, we provide some of the best equine CPD available.
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BEVA Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually. BEVA members can access AGM documents and minutes.

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