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Obesity in horses

Resources and guidance related to tackling obesity

Nicky Jarvis looks at what we can learn from small animals and humans

There are no studies out there to tell us how successful weight management programmes are in the equine world and that’s why I will be asking equine practices, who currently run weight clinics, what advice and tips they can give us on how to encourage and support horse owners to achieve the right weight for their horse. I will be sharing what I find on this page so keep checking back.


Libby Smith shares her experience of setting up a Weight Clinic

RVN's within equine practice are such an under-utilised resource in comparison to their small-animal counterparts, introducing the idea of nurse-lead clinics to make use of the wealth of knowledge RVN's have is the perfect opportunity to create greater challenge within practice, whilst tackling one of the biggest health issues our profession faces.




Rossdales joins the campaign against equine obesity

Rossdales held their first 'Weight Wise' clinic on 16th June at the Diagnostic Centre in Exning, Newmarket. Horse owners were invited to book an appointment where their horse was weighed on an electronic weighbridge, nutrition and body condition scoring was discussed with Georgina Gatehouse from Spillers, and weight-tape and veterinary advice was discussed with the ambulatory vets, Mark Grant, Lucy Grieve and Paul Martynski. 





We asked you... here's the results 

At the beginning of 2018 we ran a survey to understand how BEVA members perceive the issue of equine obesity and what they are already doing to tackle it.

See the full report >>

Setting up a Weight Management Clinic

Here is what you said your weight management clinic service entails:

  • Weighbridge or weigh taping of the horse
  • Free weigh tapes
  • Body condition scoring of the horse and guidance in 'how to' condition score
  • Cresty neck scoring
  • Heart girth measurements and weight calculation
  • Target setting for weight loss
  • Nutritional advice
  • Free spring scales for weighing feed/forage
  • Complete 'diet pack' with advice, weigh tapes and feed scales
  • Tailored exercise and training advice
  • Owners meetings (with cake)
  • Motivational and emotional support for owners
  • Referral to online help resources
  • Hay analysis
  • Blood sampling for PPID and EMS
  • Graph of weight progress given as a printout for owners
  • 'Before' and 'after' photographs
  • 'Wall of success' displayed in the clinic
  • General preventative healthcare advice