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From the monthly archives: December 2019

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'December 2019'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Changes in TRACES switch-over date

Following the previous update on the use of TRACES, Defra have announced a change in the date regarding when you need to switch over to the new system.  The Official Controls Regulation (OCR) – which affects importers of live animals, products of animal origin, and high risk food and feed – comes in to force on Saturday 14th December 2019. With just two clear working days to go, we want to remind you of the actions you need to take to continue to trade and provide an update on when the pre notification system will go live. The key changes as a result of the SRSF changes mean that importers of live animals and animal products need to: ·         Prepare to use a new Common Health Entry Document (CHED), instead of the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) and the Common Entry Document (CED).  ·         Prepare to use TRACES NT to pre-notify Border Control Posts - BCPs (previously called B ...

Meet the BEVA Congress 2020 committee chair

With planning for Congress 2020 well underway, we catch up with Ceri Sherlock, Chair of the Scientific Committee, to find out more about her, the role and what delegates can expect from the programme.

A day in the life: Kassie Hill

Equine Veterinary Nurses are an essential part of maintaining high standards of veterinary care. Their role includes a variety of jobs, from assisting in surgery to feeding and mucking out, but what does a typical day involve? We asked Kassie Hill of Cliffe Equine to talk us through it.

The Uses of Ultrasound

World-renowned equine musculoskeletal system anatomist, Professor Jean-Marie Denoix will once again be teaching our Orthopaedic Ultrasound course. He gives us an insight into what the course will cover, and how these techniques can be used in real-life situations.

Avoiding PPE Pitfalls

In February we're running two brand new courses on pre-purchase exmaination (PPE) imaging, that will build confidence in practitioners performing PPE on high value horses where radiographs are required. Ahead of the course, course organiser Phil Cramp gives us some quick fire tips for carrying out PPE imaging.

New initiative to tackle equine obesity

Obesity is arguably one of the biggest problems facing equine welfare in the UK. With growing concerns from our members, BEVA Council have come up with a new initiative hoped to make improvements and urge owners to take action. BEVA Vice President Lucy Grieve tells us more.

Giving recent graduates a leg up into equine practice

Launched in September this year, our Leg Up programme is designed to give new and recent graduates one-to-one support from experienced equine vets. Now four months into the scheme, we asked some of our mentors and mentees how it’s going. 

Tim Mair tells us about what BEVA have been up to recently

At BEVA Congress 2019, Tim Mair took the reins from Renate Weller. Four months on we catch up with him to find out what council have been up to, his projects for the coming year and challenges facing the profession.

British Horse Council issues General Election Manifesto

The British Horse Council (BHC) has issued a new manifesto as a timely reminder to parliamentary candidates of why the British horse sector matters for the 2019 election. The British Horse Council is the collective voice of the equine sector and the manifesto reminds candidates that the the horse world is the second largest rural employer (after agriculture), being worth £8bn to the UK economy. Collectively it has the potential for 4.4m votes; 1.3m of voters ride regularly and 3.1m would like to ride again. The manifesto distils a number of high priorities into focused calls for Government support. From promoting riding, improving equine health and welfare and facilitating the growth of the industry, to recognising the needs for skilled labour and easy movement of high health horses under any future arrangements with Europe, the equine sector has been clear in its ask. David Mountford, chair of the British Horse Council said: “Our manifesto is a punchy summary of the areas that are of vital imp ...

Inaugural BEVA Elite Performance Discussion Forum

"An extremely thought provoking course with copious academic material to reinforce good training practice." This was was just one of the many positive comments received from delegates following the inaugural BEVA Elite Performance Horse Discussion Forum, which took place at Rossdales Equine Hospital on 22nd November. This new course, the first of its kind, brought together international experts from the fields of sports physiology and training, in both human and equine elite sport. The course was fully booked well in advance and saw experienced and enthusiastic equine vets attend from throughout the UK. Throughout the day, leading researchers, practitioners, trainers and competitors openly discussed the challenges encountered in training elite equine and human athletes, and how lessons learned in both fields may help progress our understanding and achieve safer and more successful methods of training. In the morning sessions, Dr Ulrich Hartmann (Head of the Institute of Sports and Exercise S ...