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Share your NHS story

To support and say thank you to our medical colleagues in the NHS and all other key workers as they respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) we're inviting BEVA members to share your memories of the times you've needed them.

The NHS has been part of everyone's lives in the UK since 1948 and we want to collate your stories and experiences and share these as a way to say thank you. 

Share your story

Five weeks in hospital

My NHS story starts in July 1977. Having finished my second year of the veterinary course...

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The Joy When The Plaster Comes Off

As a recent veterinary graduate I was involved in a head-on car crash (not my fault!) that put me in hospital for 9 months.

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500 Steps for the NHS

My husband, Mike Biggar, unfortunately became critically ill after lockdown with a non-COVID related illness...

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A Car Crash

Occasionally life throws you a challenge you can do without! It was a Wednesday evening and after work I had prepared supper and then loaded my daughter India into the car...

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A Very Long Minute

A few years ago, Mrs M - my better half - tipped a young horse backwards on top of herself...

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A slip at the bird feeder

Early February this year, I was filing the bird feeders as I usually do first thing in the morning before heading off to work...

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The Dreaded Call

It was 2012 and I was knee deep in a PhD in London alongside the HBLB. I got that call we all dread. 

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Share your own NHS Story

Send us one of your memories of the NHS and we will publish your story on our webpage.

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A Trip to the Eye Clinic

Having almost fully retired and already drawing a pension, albeit rather smaller than I’d hoped, I knew that the sun would not shine for ever but I still hoped that I would see out my days with some clarity....

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'twas the week before i started at beva

The week before I started my new job at BEVA I was due to travel to Dundee...

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The year from hell

2015 was an incredibly difficult year. To the extent that I am still coming to terms with it - however, my son and I survived, and that is in no small part due to the NHS.

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