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My husband, Mike Biggar, unfortunately became critically ill after lockdown with a non-COVID related illness and had to be rushed to hospital as an emergency case. Mercifully he did not catch COVID-19 and is in the process of making a good recovery – however due to a car accident in 1992 which nearly took his life, he is wheelchair-bound. 

He has decided to raise money for the NHS (hopefully to provide iPads for all hospital wards so that patients can communicate with loved ones when visiting is not allowed). Inspired by Captain Tom, he has decided to try and walk 500 steps aided by the bars outside his disabled annexe. He hopes to complete his 500 steps today Sunday 17th May. Mike says he is totally humbled by all the tributes and donations.

N.B On 17 May Mike completed his 500 steps in front of a BBC news crew and friends and family (at a distance of course!), he hopes to continue to raise money for the NHS having completed his challenge. If you would like to find out more about Mike's story and donate to his cause please click here.

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