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A Slip at the Bird Feeder

Early February this year, I was filling the bird feeders as I usually do first thing in the morning before heading off to work. Concentrating on my 'peanut-filled scoop' and not where I was putting my feet I managed to slip on the ice on the path, crashing to the ground. After catching my breath I realised that my left arm wasn't working properly and my left leg wasn't obeying my brain's instructions either! I managed to call out to a neighbour who got me into the house and called an ambulance. 

The ambulance team were brilliant (lots of questions but also lots of morphine and gas!) and I was quickly transported to A&E. More questions, more morphine and a regional block but very quickly taken to X-ray where they confirmed an intertrochanteric fracture to femur (hip fracture) and radial head fracture. 

Surgery the following day on 'hip'- fortunately no intra-articular involvement - and out of bed on a 'granny' stick the day after that, with guidance from wonderful hospital physio. For the first 48 hours I was very closely monitored by some wonderful nurses and auxiliaries and visited by more consultants, registrars and junior medics than I can remember names for as they followed up on various body systems that required their attention.... not all related to my fall. I think that as an acute trauma patient, I could not have had better care and attention anywhere! 

Now, while certainly not back to 'normal', my feet face the same direction and I am trying to keep with my physio as well as I can during lockdown.

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