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Equine Obesity

We have provided a range of guidance for equine vets to help tackle the issue of equine obesity. 

We would like to thank those who have given us permission to share the resources and guides they have created. 

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BEVA Journal Articles

Clinical insights: Equine obesity

An editorial published in Equine Veterinary Journal by Edward J. Knowles and Lucy Grieve. Published August 2020.

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BEVA members have access to our online learning platform, here are just a few of our CPD and educational resources on obesity and nutrition. If you're a BEVA member simply log in to access them. Not a BEVA member? Find out more about joining.

Webinar: Body Condition Scoring

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Webinar: Changing Owner Behaviour by using Behavioural Science

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Webinar: Correcting Obesity in grass kept horses and ponies

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Webinar: Feeding the Skinny Laminitic

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