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About BEVA Journals

We publish two world leading journals, Equine Veterinary Journal and Equine Veterinary Education.

Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) publishes evidence to improve clinical practice or expand scientific knowledge underpinning equine veterinary medicine. In our bi-monthly issues, EVJ publishes original and high quality peer reviewed articles from all over the world.

Equine Veterinary Education (EVE) publishes peer reviewed monthly educational articles on diagnosis and treatment for equine veterinary clinicians, veterinary students and others. EVE accepts Case Reports with Clinical Commentaries, Original Articles and Reviews.

BEVA members receive full access to all articles published in BEVA Journals via the Online Library, simply click on the button at the top of this page. If you're not a BEVA member you can still access the free to access materials on the Online Library.

News from the Journals

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