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North East Regional Meeting - Naughty or Nice (but in pain): diagnosing the badly behaved horse.

09 Oct 2017 19:00 - 22:15

The badly behaved horse is a challenge that most vets will have been frustrated by during their career. Owners can find dealing with these horses unpleasant and as a result may apply lots of pressure for a definitive diagnosis. Unpicking whether the case is behavioural or pain related can be very difficult, especially since there is significant crossover between symptoms, which can be vague or non-specific.
This Regional Meeting aims to help equine practitioners of all levels unravel these cases by discussing the diagnostic approach, some of the causes of pain leading to bad behaviour, and by providing an update on some of the progress we have made in assessing, understanding and managing badly behaved horses.
The final part of the meeting will include discussion of how we can make our lives easier when we have to treat our most difficult patients.

BEVA Members £50
Student Members £25                       
Non Members £100   

Key Learning Objectives:
• Improve your diagnostic approach to the badly behaved horse
• Confidently be able to select the most appropriate diagnostic test to investigate each case
• Update/ refresh your knowledge on conditions of the equine back
• Improve your knowledge on equine behaviour
• Learn new techniques to make dealing with naughty horses easier

Course Organiser:
Mr Alistair Love BVSc Cert AVP (EP) MRCVS - North Yorkshire


Miss Gemma Pearson BVMS Cert AVP (EM) MRCVS - Edinburgh
Mr Patrick Pollock BVMS CertES (Soft Tissue) DipECVS MRCVS - Glasgow
Miss Alison Talbot BVM&S CertEP CertES (Orth) Dip ACVSMR MRCVS - Liverpool

Please note, due to renovations at Thirsk Racecourse this meeting will now be held in the Pavilion. It will not be held in the Garden Room as in previous years. Please drive in the main racecourse entrance to park your car, the Pavilion will be signposted from here.

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