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Partner with Us

We are always keen to develop new partnerships with equine welfare organisations globally. 

We can support organisations that have identified opportunities to improve equine welfare by providing access to expert, veterinarian support. Our volunteers can provide various support from clinical treatment to educational programmes.

Support BEVA Trust Can Provide

We will provide veterinary expertise by recruiting and arranging for veterinary professionals to support the project.

We will be responsible for recruiting the volunteers and we will cover their expenses to travel to the destination where the project is taking place including basic subsistence and accommodation costs. 

The veterinary professionals taking part are volunteers and dedicate their time free of charge. All BEVA Trust volunteers are members of BEVA.

Project Criteria

We can partner with organisations where their project meets the following criteria: 

  • The project meets an existing need for veterinary support to a welfare organisation and will deliver meaningful, positive impact to horse welfare, either directly or indirectly 
  • The project appeals sufficiently to generate interest from veterinary volunteers
  • The volunteers travelling to the project will be safe
  • The project has the potential to create positive public relations for all stakeholders 
  • The project will deliver a good rate of return on the financial, administrative and volunteer support inputted. The project should also be low cost to run and deliver.
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If you would like to discuss partnering with the BEVA Trust please contact us

Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust volunteering experience Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust volunteering experience

Find Out About Our Recent Projects

After each project our volunteers provide a project report sharing their experiences, what they gained from the experience and how it contributed to our mission of improving equine welfare globally.

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