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For Equine Vets Everywhere

Student Vet School Tours

Each year we organise talks at the veterinary schools in the UK, Ireland and two in Europe. These are designed to give you an insight into the realities of being an equine vet from those who have been there and done it.  Our 2020 talks have been reformatted to include an introduction to BEVA and what we can offer you as the next generation of equine practitioners, a panel discussion on life in the field, a clinical presentation on varying topics such as equine emergency care and care of racehorses and a Q&A session. 

Our panel are made up of vets of varying backgrounds including corporate and independents, ambulatory and hospital vets, from men to women, to those who have been horsey their entire life to those who didn't go near horses until university. They will speak openly with you about why they chose to specialise in equine, what they love about it and the challenges it brings. The clinical session will draw upon the speaker's own experiences in dealing with real-life cases and inform you of new techniques recently developed and employed in equine practice. A break for pizza and drinks (paid for by BEVA!) gives you the opportunity to digest what you've learnt so far and chat with the speakers before finishing the evening with a Q&A session. This is your chance to ask the speakers anything, all those questions you've been too nervous to ask your lecturers will be answered. 

Entirely free to attend and open to all, whether you're set on equine practice or not yet decided, we hope to see you at your BEVA vet school tour. 

Ghent - 20 february 

Nottingham - 12 March

Surrey - 19 March

Edinburgh - 29 April

Utrecht - 15 May