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BEVA Vet School tOUR

Every year BEVA goes on the road to give you an insight into the world of equine veterinary medicine. We bring established equine veterinary professionals to vet schools throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and provide talks on the realities of being an equine vet, provide tips on starting out in practice as well as provide clinical talks. 


We're not going on the road this year instead we'll be coming to your sofas to give you the inside scoop on being an equine vet. 

Split up over three evenings, our leading names in veterinary medicine will be chatting about real-life cases and discussing their experiences of being an equine vet. And the best bit, it's free to attend to all BEVA student members (and don't forget BEVA student membership is free!)

The Programme

Equine emergencies and life on call

Monday 1 February from 6pm (GMT)

This event has now passed, be sure to register for our remaining lectures.


Tuesday 16 March from 6pm (GMT)

On Tuesday 16 March we will be giving you an insight into what it is like to be an equine reproduction vet, providing real-life cases and discussion. We will also have a panel discussion on how to get into equine work and provide you with some top tips for starting out in equine practice.

Phil Cramp

Hambleton Equine Clinic

James Crabtree

Equine Reproductive Services

Evie Mountain

Hambleton Equine Clinic

Kate Dugher

Liphook Equine Hospital

Safia Barakzai

Equine Surgical Referrals

Watch it back

Sorry, the recording from this event isn't actually quite ready yet. It will be made available as soon as possible. We apologise for the delay!

orthopaedics and working with allied professionals

Wednesday 12 May from 6pm (GMT)

Our Vet School Series finishes on Wednesday 12 May where we will be exploring real-life orthopaedic cases with experts in the field and discussing the importance of working with our allied professionals from farriers through to equine dental technicians.

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