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Artificial Insemination

BEVA Approved AI List

The BEVA approved AI list aims to support members of the profession who work in equine reproduction whilst safeguarding the welfare of the horse.

Practices on the BEVA approved AI list benefit from being listed as an approved practice for AI; the list is featured on the BEVA website and features in the March issue of the Horse and Hound annually.


How can I be added to the list?

Vets at your practice are eligible to be listed on the BEVA approved AI list if they have attended one or more of the following courses within the last four years:

  • Practical AI - the essentials
  • Breeding A-Z
  • Equine Reproduction at the Next Level
  • AI Discussion Forum

If one or more of your vets meet the above criteria download and complete the retainer form and accompanying letter and send them to office@beva.org.uk. To benefit from inclusion in the Horse and Hound advert in 2020 we must receive your form by 27 January 2020.