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For Equine Vets Everywhere


  • Get your horse or pony freeze-marked with a unique number branded on the neck or back or get your farrier to brand your postcode on your horse’s hooves, although this will of course grow out in time.

  • Microchip your horse - your vet will advise you on this. The advantages of microchipping are that it leaves no external marks, it is permanent and chips can be read at sales.

  • Photograph your horse from different angles, with particular attention to distinctive marks.

  • Chain and padlock both the latch and the hinge end of your gates.

  • Do not leave headcollars on your horse or pony.


  • Mark your tack and equipment with your postcode. Some tack shops will be able to mark your tack for you with security marking tools.

  • Secure your horse trailer or horsebox with wheel clamps.