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Humane Destruction

Having your horse or pony humanely destroyed

It may be necessary, in the event of old age, ill health or as the result of an accident, to have your horse or pony put to sleep to prevent it from suffering pain and distress. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to help you make a decision on whether the horse still has a good quality of life or whether it would be kinder to have the horse put down. Do not leave elderly animals to fend for themselves in fields. It is part of responsible horse ownership to ensure that your horse or pony has a dignified end. Horses can be destroyed via either shooting or lethal injection. The first method can be carried out by the local knackerman, kennelman or veterinary surgeon as long as they possess a firearms certificate. Lethal injection can only be carried out by your veterinary surgeon. Both methods are instantaneous and painless. Whatever the method of destruction, there is a significant cost element and the practical consideration of disposal of the body. This is all part of responsible care of the horse. It is best to discuss the options and cost implications with your veterinary surgeon well in advance of a crisis arising, to allow a sensible plan of action to be formulated.

Friends at the End 

Friends at the End is a British Horse Society initiative designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone. Please click here to find out more