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Protect Me Toolkit

Our award-winning ToolKit, modelled on the BSAVA PROTECT guidelines, has been developed to support you to develop practice policies for responsible use of antibiotics.

Sorry we're in the process of updating the toolkit which will go live during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week on the 18th November 2020. Please come back then to look at the revised toolkit. 

About the ToolKit

There is considerable evidence in human health that auditing antimicrobial use can be a powerful tool to changing prescribing practices. If the highest priority critically important antibiotics are used sparingly then we can preserve their effectiveness for the future. BEVA has created a flexible framework allowing veterinary surgeons to undertake effective clinical audit without significantly impacting on working practices. This toolkit will help equine veterinary practices comply with their obligations under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.

The Protect Me philosophy should limit the development of resistance and demonstrate to regulatory authorities that veterinary surgeons play an important role in preventing multi-drug resistance. 

Protect Me does not dictate practice policy, it is a toolkit that will help your practice to develop your own policies. These should not be overly restrictive or limit clinical freedom. 

Acknowledgement: The PROTECT acronym was developed by the Small Animal Medicine Society for the BSAVA. This was modified for BEVA by M. Bowen and J.Slater in 2012. 

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