Surveys and Studies
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Surveys and Studies

We'd encourage you to participate in current surveys and studies that look to gain perspectives of equine veterinary professionals. Take a look and contribute to current surveys and studies that are seeking your views today.


Laura Simons, University of Bristol

Equine Stress

This survey is looking to better understand perceptions of veterinary professionals regarding stress in horses and methods to address it in practice.

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Jason Merron, Oakham Veterinary Hospital

Equine Hepatitis Viruses: Focus on Equine Parvovirus

Jason is requesting small volume samples of both Serum antitoxin and Hyperimmune plasma from equine practices throughout the UK. Please contact him to get involved.

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University of Cambridge

Helping students prepare for equine EMS

This survey will inform the creation of a resource to help prepare veterinary students for equine clinical EMS. The views of equine veterinary professionals will help to make the resource as fit-for-purpose as possible.

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BEVA Nurse Committee

Working with equine veterinary nurses

The BEVA Nursing Committee want to get views from individuals in practice on working with equine veterinary nurses.

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University of Cambridge

Attitudes, knowledge and take up of the strangles vaccine

This survey looks to gain an understanding of the attitudes, knowledge and take up of strangles vaccines after the first year of Strangvac being available and the discontinuation of Equilis StrepE.

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Murdoch University

Ertugliflozin veterinary survey 

This survey aims to document responses to ertugliflozin in your patients.

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If you're conducting research simply send us the information for us to review and if it is relevant for BEVA members we will highlight it to BEVA members via this page.

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