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New resource: Under Our Care Templates

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28 Mar 2024 BEVA

"More than ever the horses we attend have more than one veterinary practice looking after them. With the publication of the RCVS Under Our Care guidelines in mind, we have created a series of templates to allow veterinary practices to determine who is the 24/7 Veterinary Care Provider (VCP) and who is the Limited Service Provider (LSP)." Ian Beamish, Clinical Practice Committee 

We have interpreted the RCVS guidelines and the Under Our Care Review to require that a written, traceable agreement has been formed between two veterinary practices when both are attending the same animals. This agreement should make clear which vet will be responsible for the VCP of the animals in question in the event of an emergency and which vet is the LSP.

It is recognised that owners will not always be forthcoming in their engagement of multiple vets however, owners should be made aware of which practice will provide that veterinary service before any services are provided.

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