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Health & Medicines Committe Update June 2022

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06 Jun 2022 BEVA

Bruce Bladon, a member of our Health and Medicines Committee provides an update on what the committee has been working on following a recent meeting they held. 

He shares an update on the work the committee has been doing on antibiotic usage. Bruce highlighted the challenges with this work as we are unable to easily monitor what is being used in equine practice and then shared what they are doing to try and start tracking how many antibiotics are being used. If you are interested in monitoring your antibiotic usage and would like more information please contact us

He then went on to share some of the other work of the committee including our work around anthelmintic usage, adding more client information leaflets for when prescribing medicines using the cascade, and adding more frozen semen resources to the website. 

Find out who sits on our Health and Medicines Committee.