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Client information when using the cascade

When using the cascade there is an expectation that key information relevant to the species being treated is given to the client, and the veterinary surgeon should provide the information that would be included in the package insert were it licensed for use in that species. Such documents also form the basis of informed client consent, a requirement of the RCVS code of professional conduct.

We've put together a range of resources that can be downloaded and used to facilitate compliance with these requirements.

Obtaining consent

Informed consent is a professional obligation when using medicines under the prescribing cascade. Although consent can be given verbally, the RCVS expect that consent is given in writing. When the client is not available to give written consent, contemporaneous records of verbal consent should be recorded.

The FEEVA / BEVA consent form ensures you get written consent while also recording the reasons for use of medicines under the prescribing cascade. 

Download consent form 

(Please note when downloading the consent form please download and open the PDF on your computer. Opening the PDF in your web browser may result in a loss of functionality)


Client information leaflets

We've produced client information leaflets to facilitate compliance with the RCVS code of professional conduct. They can be downloaded and provided to clients when medicines are prescribed using the cascade. We have also provided labels that will allow your clients to access information via links on the labels.

If there is no label for a medicine you are using, generic information leaflets are provided but please contact the BEVA team so we can look to add it in the future.








Copyright and reuse

All documents are provided under the creative commons non-commercial share alike licence, meaning that you can amend them, for example applying your own branding, but that attribution to BEVA must be retained. 


Presence of a client information leaflet does not mean that BEVA endorse or recommend the use of a particular medicine and veterinary surgeons should ensure that they understand how the cascade applies to the horse and should ensure that use and dosing are appropriate to each clinical scenario.