Monday, March 20, 2017
Please note that compliance with the updated Equine Passport Regulation requires a change to the markings format within equine passports. This means that markings taken on the former style Weatherbys Thoroughbred markings form will no longer fit in the passport from 2017.  This applies to markings for:

1) all 2017 Thoroughbred (and NTR) foals
2) Thoroughbred (and NTR) late returns
3) Thoroughbred (and NTR) duplicate passports issued in 2017

Please note that markings received on old style forms for any of the above cannot be used and will be returned to Practices for transfer onto the correct form.

If your practice needs more of the new forms please contact: as soon as possible.

Any new markings that are taken to update an existing passport will need to be taken on the form that is appropriate to the passport in question i.e. issued pre or post January 2017. If you are in any doubt please contact the Stud Book Department who will be able to assist you (01933 440077 ext 2304).

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