Friday, August 30, 2019

Jonathan Pycock, course organiser for Equine Reproduction at the Next Level tells us about our upcoming course and the importance of continuing to develop and hone skills.

Equine reproduction is an ever-evolving discipline. As well as the basic aspects being important, there is a need for colleagues already experienced in the field to develop and hone their skills. This course is designed to offer that advanced learning experience. A few select topics have been chosen and will form the basis of interactive lectures in the morning, followed by wet labs in the afternoon.

With the increase in interest surrounding assisted reproductive techniques, embryo transfer including flushing, searching and preparation for transfer is of interest to many practitioners. Likewise, due to new techniques, subfertile stallions can still be included in AI programmes. The course provides a unique opportunity to study these topics in a “working” environment as the course is at one of the UK’s largest embryo transfer and semen freezing centres.

The course will also discuss the relatively new techniques of Doppler ultrasound, the less understood stallion ultrasonography and therapeutic approaches to reduce early pregnancy failure. Pioneering stem cell treatments for mares with endometrosis will also be reviewed and discussed.

Join us for the practical based masterclass

This two-day, practical course will provide instruction from world renowned experts in their field. Key elements of learning will be advanced mare and stallion ultrasonography including Doppler techniques, and assisted reproductive technologies.

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