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Four veterinary apps available for free for BEVA members to help you in the field. 

Simply search BEVA in your app store and download. You will be asked to enter your last name and membership number to gain access (please also note access to the apps can take up to 24 hours after you join).

Equine Formulary (drugs app)

Available on iPhone and Android

Covering over 700 separate dose regimens (for over 400 different drugs) this is a complete reference for any veterinarian treating horses.

  • The database of drugs is updated at least every three months.
  • The emphasis is on quality of information and the App details drug doses together with a reference for the dose.
  • Drugs can be searched by generic names or alternative name, including many trade names.
  • The App incorporates a handy dose calculator function (with the dose range automatically filled in) to generate the correct dose for any individual patient as well as a continuous infusion calculator for drugs such as lidocaine, insulin, and many others.
  • Notes are provided for every drug, and user notes can also be added to each drug.
  • There are notes on use in competition, including detection times published by the FEI, RMTC, EHSLC and USEF.
  • Contains information about the safety of each drug in pregnancy, based on available information in horses and other species.
Equine Techniques

Available on iPhone.

A popular App describing commonly used methods in equine medicine. This app provides step-by-step instructions for 54 clinical techniques. For each there is an equipment list and full instructions on how to perform the technique illustrated by photos, diagrams or videos.

Equine Lab

Available on iPhone.

Equine Lab is a leading equine diagnostic laboratory reference. It is a unique resource giving normal values for 230 different lab tests in 10 different signalments of horses.

Equine Joint Injections

Available on iPhone.

Joint Injections is an aide-memoir to vets performing joint injections. The App describes the approach both synoviocentesis and arthroscopy to clinically important joints/sheaths/bursae in the horse.