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Designed to save you time (and therefore money!) when out on the road!

The BEVA Equine Drugs App (available to Android and iPhone users) is a leading international equine formulary. The App covers 625 separate dose regimens (for 405 different drugs) and is a complete reference for any equine vet. It includes information on responsible use of antibiotics and detection times from the EHSLC and the FEI. Android and iPhone

The BEVA How To 'Equine Techniques' App (available to iPhone users only) describes commonly used methods in equine medicine. iPhone

The BEVA Equine Joint Injection App (available to iphone users only) is an aide-memoir to vets performing joint injections. iPhone

The BEVA Equine Lab App (available to iphone users only) is a leading equine diagnostic laboratory reference. iPhone

How to log In:

Search for BEVA on the App store. After downloading the App you will be asked to enter your Username (your surname) and Password (your membership number)


Our journals, Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) and Equine Veterinary Education (EVE) are now available to view whilst on the move via apps for the iPad and iPhone (as well as iPod Touch devices) and Android.

EVJ For Apple Devices

EVE For Apple Devices

EVJ App for Android Devices 

EVE App for Android Devices


After you have joined BEVA, create a log in on the BEVA website and use the same username and password to access the Journal Apps.