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At BEVA we publish a monthly webinar series. As a member of one of our partner associations we make a new webinar available to you every three months.

This Quarter's webinar: Regenerative Therapy Options in Equine Practice

Henry O’Neill from Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery in Newbury’s webinar is on degenerative treatment options for equine practice and is appropriate to viewers working with anything from thoroughbreds and sports horses to back yard ponies who have such injuries and need treatment options. 

In the session he will discuss the current options available, methodology, how they work and offer tips and tricks to remember when it comes to administration. 

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Recently Published Papers

Antimicrobial resistance in clinical bacterial isolates from horses in the UK

C.M. Isgren N.J. Williams O.D. Fletcher D. Timofte J.R. Newton T.W. Maddox P.D. Clegg G.L. Pinchbeck

First Published: 10 February 2021 | Equine Veterinary Journal

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Surgical repair and reconstruction of a nasal fistula following intra‐lesional formalin injection

H. Barnes A. M. Gillen J. Brown D. C. Archer

First Published: 8 March 2021 | Equine Veterinary Education

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Retrospective analysis of oblique and straight distal sesamoidean ligament desmitis in 52 horses

Alex Hawkins Lauren O’Leary David Bolt Andrew Fiske‐Jackson Dagmar Berner Roger Smith

First Published: 10 February 2021 | Equine Veterinary Journal

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Acute corneal hydrops of presumed traumatic origin: An uncontrolled case series (three horses)

L. M. O’Leary L. Sebbag L. M. Moody K. A. Diehl R. A. Allbaugh

First Published: 2 March 2021 | Equine Veterinary Education

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