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Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene reduces bacteria on the hands as well as those objects that hands come into contact with; transient bacteria are acquired via contamination and easier to remove from hands. Use of gloves does not provide complete protection against contamination. Avoid washing the hands with soap and water as much as possible. Hands should only be washed if visibly soiled, otherwise alcohol disinfection is preferred. It is important all staff have suitable instruction, education, and constant reinforcement to hand hygiene. 

Useful posters on Clean Hands Save Lives available to download

Hygienic Hand Sanitation Protocol Pre-Surgical Hand Asepsis Protocol Hygienic Hand Sanitation Protocol 2



Take a look at the excellent EVE  article "The World Health Organiszatin's Clean Hands Save Lives: A concept applicable to equine medicine as Clean Hands Save Horses" by Denis Verwilghen