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Vet School Tours

Annually the Vet School Tour attends all UK veterinary schools, the University of Dublin, Ghent and Utrecht, as well as, for the first time in 2015, the University Of Vienna. These talks are run by students for students and the lectures are a truly great way for you to meet and listen to some of the "big cheeses" of the equine veterinary world deliver captivating talks. If that was not enough, they come direct to you for free!

The tours are also a great way of introducing veterinary undergraduates to the association. A BEVA representative will deliver a short presentation on what exactly the association can do for you and hopefully we can inspire a few of you to sign up. We offer a discount for anyone who joins on the evening, so there really is no excuse!

Lecture topics can also be arranged to suit, so if there are any particular areas you are interested in, please contact your BEVA Rep. The BEVA Student representatives for the 2015-16 academic year are:


Hannah Kearns


Emma Wood


Stephanie Fitzgerald


Sarah Smith


Sanne Mooren


Rachel Davies


Georgie Waller


Lily Witchell


Georgia Muncaster


Emily MoxomandFelicity Cobbold

If you would like to put yourself forward as a rep for 2016-17 please contact your student representative as the deadline for new reps is the 30th June 2016. If you would be interested in BEVA visiting your European-based Vet School then please contact Lara Pocock in the BEVA Office.