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student events

Annually the BEVA Vet School Tour attends all UK veterinary schools, the University College Dublin and the University of Ghent in Belgium. These talks are run by students for students and the lectures are a truly great way for you to meet and listen to some of the "big cheeses" of the equine veterinary world, who deliver captivating and inspiring talks. If that was not enough, they come direct to you for free!

A BEVA representative will also deliver a short presentation on what exactly the association can do for you and hopefully we can inspire a few of you to sign up. We offer a discount for anyone who joins on the evening as well as a free raffle.

Lecture topics can also be arranged to suit, so if there are any particular areas you are interested in, please contact your BEVA Rep. The BEVA Student representatives for the 2016-17 academic year are:

University of Bristol Ruby Cox (Chris Pearce visited on 20th October)

University of Cambridge Rachel Gough (Will Barker visited on 31st October)

University College Dublin Shane Harley (Lesley Barwise-Munro visited on 4th October)

University of Edinburgh Sarah Chinnery (Derek Knottenbelt visited on 3rd November)

Ghent University Femke Vermeiren (Victoria South visited on 18th October)

University of Glasgow Aaron Tay (Gemma Pearson visited on 17th October)

University of Liverpool Rosie Alcorn

University of Nottingham Lauren Alder (Sue Dyson visited on 15th November)

Royal Veterinary College Sarah Tompkins (Jeremy Kemp-Symonds visited on 13th October)

University of Surrey Charlotte Heath (Carolyn Tranquille visited on 28th February 2017)

Utrecht Esther Lichtenauer (Kate Maxwell will be visiting on 8th May 2017)