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2016 Reviews

January 2016

Bodyweight change aids prediction of survival in chronic equine grass sickness
R. C. Jago, I. Handel, C. N. Hahn, R. S. Pirie, J. A. Keen, B. E. Waggett and B. C. McGorum

Assessment of quantitative polymerase chain reaction for equine herpesvirus-5 in blood, nasal secretions and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for the laboratory diagnosis of equine multinodular pulmonary fibrosis
N. Pusterla, K. G. Magdesian, S. M. Mapes, R. Zavodovskaya and P. H. Kass

February 2016

Does oral prednisolone treatment increase the incidence of acute laminitis?
Jordan V.J, Ireland J.L and Rendle D.I

Effects of maternal dexamethasone treatment on pancreatic β cell function in the pregnant mare and post natal foal
Valenzuela, O.A., Jellyman, J.K., Allen, V.L., Holdstock, N.B. and Fowden, A.L.

March 2016

Factors associated with outcome in 94 hospitalised foals diagnosed with neonatal encephalopathy
Lyle-Dugas J., Giguère S., Mallicote M.F., Mackay R.J. and Sanchex L.C

Slab fractures of the third tarsal bone: Minimally invasive repair using a single 3.5 mm cortex screw placed in lag fashion in 17 Thoroughbred racehorse
Barker W.H.J. and Wright I.M.

April 2016

Double plate fixation for the management of proximal interphalangeal joint instability in 30 horses (1987–2015)
McCormick J.D, Watkins J.P

Evaluation of a wireless activity monitoring system to quantify locomotor activity in horses in experimental settings
Fries M, Montavon S, Spadavecchia C, Levionnois O.L

May 2016

The repeatability of an oral glucose test in ponies
de Laat, M. A. and Sillence, M.N

Prevalence of liver fluke infection in Irish horses and assessment of a serological test for diagnosis of equine fasciolosis
Quigley, A. Sekiya, M. Egan, S. A, Negredo, C and Mulcahy G.

June 2016

Bacteraemia before, during and after tooth extraction in horses in the absence of antimicrobial administration
Kern, I., Bartmann, C.P., Verspohl, J., Rohde, J. and Bienert-Zeit, A. 

Influence of commonly used pharmaceutical agents on equine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell viability
Edmonds, R.E., Garvican, E.R., Smith, R.K.W. and Dudhia, J. 

JULY 2016

Measurement of distal limb sub-bandage pressure over 96 hours in horses
Canada, N.C., Beard, W.L., Guyan, M.E. and White, B.J

Gingival Toll-like receptor and cytokine messenger RNA levels in equine periodontitis and oral health 
Kennedy, R., Lappin, D.F., Dixon P.M., Bennett, D., Riggio, M.P.

august 2016

The effect of dobutamine and bolus crystalloid fluids on the cardiovascular function of isoflurane-anaesthetised horses
C.M. Loughran, A.L. Raisis, G. Hosgood, C.J. Secombe and G.D. Lester

Prospective cohort study evaluating risk factors for the development of pasture-associated laminitis in the United Kingdom
N. J. Menzies-Gow, P. A. Harris and J. Elliott

september 2016

Use of the oral sugar test in ponies when performed with or without prior fasting
Knowles, E.J., Harris, P.A., Elliot, J. and Menzies-Gow, N.J.

Heritability and prevalence of selected osteochondrosis lesions in yearling Thoroughbred horses
Russell, J., Matika, O., Russell, T. and Reardon, R.J.M.


Use of large scale veterinary data for the investogation of antimicrobial prescribing practices in equine medicine
C. E. Welsh, T. D. H. Parkin and J. F. Marshall

The effects of dose and diet on the pharmacodynamics of omeprazole in the horse
B. W. Sykes, C. Underwood, R. Greer, C. M. McGowan and P. C. Mills

november 2016

Subclinical ultrasonographic abnormalities of the suspensory ligament branches in National Hunt racehorses
A.J. Fairburn, E. Busschers and A.R.S. Barr

Risk factors in equine transport-related health problems: A survey of the Australian equine industry
B. Padalino, S.L. Raidal, E. Hall, P. Knight, P. Celi, L. Jeffcott and G. Muscatello 


Intra- and interobserver reliability estimates for identification and grading of upper respiratory tract abnormalities recorded in horses at rest and during overground endoscopy 
C. L. McGivney, J. Sweeney, F. David, J. M. O'Leary, E. W. Hill, L. M. Katz

Oral administration of transgenic barley expressing a Culicoides allergen induces specific antibody response
S. Jonsdottir, V. Svansson, S. B. Stefansdottir, E. Mäntylä, E. Marti and S. Torsteinsdottir