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2015 Reviews

January 2015

Diagnosis of Rhodococcus pneumonia - Validation and evaluation of VapA-specific IgG and IgG subclass enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) to identify foals with Rhodococcus equi pneumonia
MG Sanz, AF Oliviera, A Loynachan, A Page, V Svansson, S Giguere and DW Horohov

IgllgE food allergen testing inconsistent - A commercially available immunoglobulin E-based test for food allergy gives inconsistent results in healthy ponies
S Dupont, A De Spiegeleer, DJX Liu, L Lefere, DA van Doorn and M Hesta

February 2015

Comparative efficacy of intra-articular medications
JC De Grauw, MC Visser-Meijer, F Lashley, P Meeus and PR Van Weeren

Rater agreement of visual lameness assessment in horses during lungeing
M Hammarberg, A Edenvall, T Pfau and M Rhodin

March 2015

Mare and foal survival and subsquent fertility of mares treated for uterine torsion
Spoormakers T.J.P., Graat E.A.M., ter Braake F., Stout T.A.E and Bergman H.J.

A database survey of equine tumours in the United Kingdom
Knowles E.J., Tremaine W.H., Pearson, G.R. and Mair T.S

April 2015

Reduced oxytocin expression with retained foetal membranes
Rapacz-Leonard A, Ras A, Calka J and Janowski T.E.

Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for headshaking
Roberts V.L.H, Patel N.K and Tremaine W.H

May 2015

Diffusion of mepivacaine to adjacent synovial structures after intrasynovial analgesia of the digital flexor tendon sheath
Jordana, M., Martens, A., Duchateau, L., Haspeslagh, M., Vanderperren, K., Oosterlink, M. and Pille, F.

Plasma concentrations, analgesic and physiological assessments in horses with chronic laminitis treated with two doses of oral tramadol
Guedes, A., Knych, H. and Hood, D.

June 2015

Buprenorphine or butorphanol for peri-operative use?
Taylor, P.M., Hoare, H.R., de Vries, A., Love, E.J., Coumbe, K.M., White K.L. and Murrell, J.C.

Treatment of Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Morgan R.A, Keen J.A and McGowan C.M.

July 2015

Atypical Myopathy and Sycamore Seeds
Zuraw A., Dietert K., Kuhnel S., Sander J. and Klopfleisch R.

Negative impact of equine recurrent uveitis
Gerding J.C and Gilger B.C

August 2015

Ultrasound and ascarid burdens
Nielson M.K., Donoghue E.M., Stephens M.L., Stowe C.J., Donecker J.M. and Fenger C.K.

Risk factors for post anaesthetic colic
Jago R.C., Corletto F. and Wright I.M.

September 2015

Hyperthermia and macrolide antimicrobials
Stieler, A.L., Sanchez, L.C., Mallicote, M.F., Martabano, B.B., Burrow, J.A. and MacKay, R.J.

Effective Duration of Tetanus Vaccination
Kendall, A., Anagrius, K., Ganheim, A., Rosanowski, S.M. and Bergstrom, K.

October 2015

Tourniquet for IVRP?
Sole, A., Nieto, J.E., Aristizabal, F.A. and Snyder, J.R.

Suspensory ligament branch injury risk in Thoroughbreds
Plevin, S., McLellan, J. and O’Keeffe, T.

November 2015

Anatomy of nasal conchal bullae
T. Liuti, R. Reardon, S. Smith and P.M. Dixon

Risk factors for injury in Swiss horse racing
C. Schweizer, A. Ramseyer, V. Gerber, G. Christen, D. Burger and F.D. Wohlfender

December 2015

Pre-oxygenation before anaesthesia
Van Oostrom, H., Schapp, M.W.H. and Van Loon, J.P.A.M.

UK vet antibiotic prescribing habits
Ross, S.E., Duz, M. and Rendle, D.I.