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2013 Reviews

January 2013

Effect of a stent bandage on the likelihood of incisional infection following exploratory celiotomy for colic in horses: A comparative retrospective study.
Tnibar A, Grubbe Lin K, Thurøe Nielson K, Christphersen MT, Lindegaard C, Martinussen T and Ekstrøm CT

How securely is the testicular artery occluded in the spermatic cord by using a ligature?
Rijkenhuizen ABM, Sommerauer S, Fasching M, Velde K and Peham C

February 2013

Antibodies to OspC, OspF and C6 antigens as indicators for infection with Borellia burgdorferi in horses.
B. Wagner, L.B. Goodman, A. Rollins and H.S. Freer

Serum amyloid A concentration in healthy periparturient mares and mares with ascending placentitis.
M.A. Countinho da Silva, I.F. Canisso, M.L. Macpherson, A.E.M. Johnson and T.J. Diver

March 2013

Seasonal and annual influence on insulin and cortisol results from overnight dexamethasone suppression tests in normal ponies and ponies predisposed to laminitis
Borer-Weir KE, Menzies-Gow NJ, Bailey SR, Harris PA and Elliott J

Exposure of mares to processionary caterpillars (Ochrogaster lunifer) in early pregnancy: An additional dimension to equine amnionitis and fetal loss
Cawdell-Smith AJ, Todhunter KH, Perkins NR and Bryden WL

April 2013

Effects of metformin hydrochloride on blood glucose and insulin responses to oral dextrose in horses.
Rendle DI, Rutledge F, Hughes KJ, Heller J and Durham AE

Pharmacokinetics of triamcinolone acetonide following intramuscular and intra-articular administration to exercised Thoroughbred horses.
Knych HK, Vidal MA, Casbeer HC and McKemie DS

May 2013

An investigation of anthelmintic efficacy against strongyles on equine yards in Scotland
CH Stratford, HE Lester, KJ Pickles, BC McGorum and JB Matthews

Results of upper airway radiography and ultrasonography predict dynamic laryngeal collapse in affected horses
CT Fjordbakk, HJ Chalmers, SJ Holcombe and E Strand

June 2013

Development of a real time PCR to detect Streptococcus equi subspecies equi.
SE North, PR Wakeley, N Mayo, J Mayers and J Sawyer

A long-term study on the clinical effects of mechanical widening of cheek teeth diastemata for treatment of periodontitis in 202 horses (2008-2011)
PM Dixon, S Ceen, T Barnett, JM O'Leary, T Parkin and S Barakzai

July 2013

Radiographic configuration and healing of 121 fractures of the proximal phalanx in 120 Thoroughbred racehorses (2007-2011)
MRW Smith and IM Wright

Efficacy of cyclo-oxygenase inhibition by two commercially available firocoxib products in horses.
MH Barton, E Paske, N Norton, D King, S Giguere and S Budsberg

August 2013

Infectious risk factors and clinical indicators for tracheal mucus in British National Hunt racehorses.
JM Cardwell, KC Smith, JLN Wood and JR Newton

Effect of orally administered sodium bicarbonate on caecal pH
EA Taylor, WL Beard, T Douthit and L Pohlman

September 2013

Phospholipids in sera of horses with summer eczema: Lipid analysis of the autoserum preparation used in therapy.
RE Hallamaa, KC Batchu and T Tallberg

Outcome of horses with synovial structure involvement following solar foot penetrations in four UK veterinary hospitals: 95 cases.
JA Findley, GL Pinchbeck, PI Milner, BM Bladon, J Boswell, TS Mair, JM Suthers and ER Singer