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How to Videos

BEVA has approved a series of online instructional videos demonstrating how to perform an ultrasound examination of the equine distal limb which have been produced by BCF’s in-house vet, Ben Sullivan. The videos are spilt into 14 manageable slots and are available here

The video series aims to provide a solid knowledge of the basic principles and techniques involved in acquiring and interpreting diagnostic quality ultrasonographic images of the equine distal limb, with a particular focus on the soft tissue structures of the palmar metacarpus and plantar metatarsus, and also the palmar and plantar pastern region.

Once you have viewed the video series, there is the opportunity to complete a self-assessment quiz to test your knowledge. Click here to complete the quiz.  On completion of the quiz, BCF will email you a CPD certificate.

Many thanks to Filham Park Vets for the use of their facilities during filming of these videos.