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Guest Blogs

Members provide a glimpse into their lives with our MumsVet guest blogs, through the blogs members share their experiences and stories of working life as equine veterinary professionals whilst bringing up children.

If you would like to write a blog for us do get in touch.

Genderblind? Dads and worklife balance?

Ben Sturgeon, 2017

I’ve cried several times as a vet, physical and emotional stress layered on a lack of sleep have broken the barriers with regularity.  However, one occasion has lived with me and continues to plague and distress me.  It was after my first son was born.  Like many dads I had resolved to “be there” for my children and longed to be a hands on father whom my children could rely on.

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Ben Sturgeon, February 2017

I’ll let you decide and by the end perhaps we’ll disagree?  I’m not an alcoholic, maybe that’s the first sign I am.  I’m not because I know full well the how and the why it happened and I know what to do to stop. 

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Maslow's Hierarchy - Your Role (part two)

Ben Strugeon, December 2016

This may be a philosophical view point but in essence I can only describe my personal view on trying to scale the pyramid. As suggested each of us will have a different emphasis and this will depend on stage of life, life experience, and any on any ascertained goals or desires. Whilst this may not be exclusively relevant to veterinary life I hope my view could be translated, bits poached or indeed rejected as fanciful by anyone.

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Ben Sturgeon, December 2016

It is not uncommon to be asked “why did you become a vet?” And with a certain exasperated sigh and life flashing before the eyes thousand mile stare, your answer will be stock: “I care about animals.” When perhaps really what you actually meant was “all those years ago, I did care about animals, science and medicine excited me, knowledge excited me, I thought the money would be good, vets drove a good car, and…….. there was a certain level of kudos.”

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What is the ethos of MumsVet?

Vicki Nicholls, December 2016

MumsVet was a concept developed by four female equine vets (our brilliant male committee member joined us later on…) to tackle the headaches and challenges posed by our jobs as equine veterinary surgeons. 

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