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BEVA Council

BEVA is governed by a Council who oversee the direction and strategy of the Association. Council members are assigned to one or more committees and represent BEVA and it's member to the wider world. 

Council consists of 20 members, who are nominated and elected by our members to lead BEVA. Council meet throughout the year and is chaired by our President who serves one year as President-Elect, one year as President and one year as Immediate Past President.


Our Council Members

Lucy Grieve


Fran James


Antony Clements

James Crabtree

Roger Smith

Tim Mair

Immediate Past President

James Wood

Honorary Publications Officer

Alison Talbot

Nicky Jarvis

Sarah Smith

Huw Griffiths

President Elect

Neil Townsend


Bruce Bladon

Kate Blakeman

Safia Barakzai

Dave Rendle

Junior Vice President

Honorary Treasurer

Colin Roberts

Phil Cramp

Victoria South