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Our AGM is held at BEVA Congress, which happens every year in September. Click on the relevant years below to access all of the AGM Documents and Minutes. 

Please note these are only available to BEVA members and you will need to be logged in to our website to access these materials.

2021 AGM


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of BEVA Limited (the “Company”) will be held during BEVA Congress in the Birmingham ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EA at 12.40 on Sunday 5th September 2021.

The business of the meeting will be: 

1. To approve minutes of 2020 Annual General Meeting 
2. To present reports and accounts for year ended 31st December 2020
3. To approve appointment of Non-Presidential Director/Trustees
4. To approve appointment of Junior Vice President
5. To approve re-appointment of Charity Council Members
6. To approve appointment of new Charity Council Members
7. To approve admission of new members
8. To approve Honorary Membership nomination 
9. Members’ Proposed Resolutions
10. Any other business

Any advance questions or proposed resolutions (providing they comply with the notice required by the Articles of Association) should be sent to the BEVA Office for receipt no later than 12.00 noon on Monday 23rd August 2021.  

A full agenda, accounts, reports, proxy forms and details of any resolutions will be available to be viewed on the BEVA website. Any member is entitled to appoint another person as a proxy to exercise all or any of the member’s rights to attend and to speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Charity.