Recruitment and Retention Survey
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Recruitment and Retention in the veterinary profession

The current situation of the veterinary workforce in the UK is a hotly debated topic. Issues such as Brexit, the shortage occupation list, legal roles of veterinary nurses, work-ready students, feminisation of the profession, work-life balance, and mental health have all been highlighted and discussed in the ‘debate’, ‘news/reports’ and ‘position’ parts of the Veterinary Record over the last year.

BEVA and BSAVA decided to collaborate with the RVC to conduct a new study to update our understanding of veterinary recruitment and retention. The study consisted of a questionnaire which was approved by the RVC’s Ethics and Welfare Committee. It was promoted through the media channels of BEVA and BSAVA and through social media and it aimed to hear opinions from employed and unemployed veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses from across the UK and from across all veterinary disciplines.

On this page we have included the results of the survey as well as discussions we have had with vets and nurses to get their take on the results.










Are there too many vets leaving the profession?


Do you think we're behind the times with CPD?

Is recruitment tougher than it ever was?

What can we do to keep vets in the practice?

The Results