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BEVA Recognised Internships

Supporting equine veterinary practices in providing high-quality internships to ensure new veterinary graduates get the best start in their careers.


About the scheme


We have always aimed to attract and support veterinary graduates entering equine practice.

The BEVA Recognised Internship is a stamp of approval for internship programmes in equine veterinary practice. Working alongside corporate, independent practices and universities in the UK we have developed a set of core standards that an internship programme should deliver on that includes everything from clinical skills to working hours.

Practices who agree to these standards are promoted as BEVA Recognised Internships, any internship vacancies are advertised through the BEVA website and the interns once in practice can join our Interns Discussion Group to network, chat and share experiences with other interns. 

list of skills

Full List of Skills

Employment Toolkit

Employment Toolkit


BEVA Recognised Internship Vacancies

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Below are the practices who have agreed to the core set of standards for equine veterinary internships that align to the BEVA Employment Toolkit. To contact one of the practices about their internships please download our practice list to get contact details.

Information for Practices

BEVA Recognised Internships have been designed to improve the standards of internships in equine veterinary practice. All practices listed on our Recognised Internship Programme have agreed to a minimum set of standards and ensure the internship covers a minimum set of skills.

If you offer internships within your practice please contact us about becoming part of BEVA Recognised Internships. 

If you're already part of BEVA Recognised Internships we encourage you to advertise your vacancy on the BEVA website. To do so please submit the vacancy details.


Register as an Intern

If you are currently undertaking an internship please let us know so we can add you to our Internship Community. Once registered you will have the opportunity to:

  • Join the BEVA internship community - where you can chat with others undertaking an internship, allowing you to share experiences and network
  • Provide regular feedback to BEVA about how your internship is going and what could make it better so that we can continue to improve internships in the future

To register as an intern please contact us.