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BEVA Leg Up Scheme

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22 Jul 2021 BEVA

BEVA launched the Leg Up Scheme in 2019 and has since helped numerous graduates navigate their way through starting work as equine vets. A recent review by Careers Committee member Kate Blakeman, provided extremely positive feedback enabling us to further the scheme. Kate tells us more...

What Is It?

The Leg Up scheme aims to provide career support to BEVA members who have recently graduated (less than 3 years ago). At BEVA we appreciate and understand the challenges of starting work as an equine vet. As a new graduate a good support network around you is fundamental in helping you to thrive in your chosen career.  The Leg Up Scheme provides impartial advice from a coach who is matched to you and is an experienced equine vet. They been in your situation before and can provide career-specific coaching in the UK.

Why Join?

BEVA Leg Up coaches have received extensive coaching training and are all really keen to help out our recently graduated BEVA members. Joining the scheme and being paired with a coach allows personalised career advice. It allows you to share and discuss your career development with someone outside of your workplace and therefore completely independent. By getting to know you, how you think and what your experiences of professional life have been the aim of the coaching scheme is to help you think about your options and help consider and make your own decisions about future career paths.

What Benefits?

The Leg Up Scheme benefits for coachees should include an improved sense of direction, an increased sense of resilience, improved self-awareness and having increased motivation for your job.  Coaching sessions (up to 10) are provided at regular (normally monthly) intervals via phone or online and are aimed to be solutions-focused discussions.

Thoughts on Leg Up...

Previous Coachees:

“My coach has helped me approach challenges and

support me to get the

most out of my job”


“Even if you are in the most supportive practice, to have someone independent from the work place is invaluable”


Practice Manager:

“Greatest improvement in

her (young vet’s) confidence

and ability to enjoy her job

came from Leg Up coaching”

Who Should Join?

The Scheme is suitable for all BEVA members new to the profession who think they might benefit from focused career advice and support. Currently the Scheme is available as a membership benefit for those graduated less than 3 years ago. Find more information on the BEVA website or email any questions to legup@beva.org.uk.

Spread The Word…

If you know someone or work with someone who you think might benefit from enrolling on this scheme - let them know! All applications are confidential. Support is key. Coaching provides a support network for individuals to grow and develop and often someone independent from the workplace is invaluable. Many BEVA members have on reflection, been fortunate enough to receive informal career coaching throughout their careers from more experienced colleagues and peers. The BEVA Leg Up Scheme recognises how positive and important coaching can be on an individual and aim to make it accessible and useful to our members.