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Information for horse owners

Information for Veterinary Surgeons

Veterinary surgeons should provide a written prescription for horse owners on request unless this is not suitable for the treatment of a specific condition such as

  • Medicines that can only be administered by intravenous injection
  • Medicines that need to be imported using the VMD import scheme
  • Special veterinary medicines that can only be provided to veterinary surgeons
  • Medicines for immediate use of for treatment of inpatients

The animal should be 'under your care' having undergone an examination for the assessment of the condition being treated, although repeat prescriptions can be provided without examination on each occasion. The RCVS expect you to set a policy for the frequency of examination needed for ongoing treatment and make clients aware of this policy.

BEVA prescription form

The BEVA prescription form is available for members only to help comply with all of the requirements of the current legislation. Although not all components of the form are required, BEVA believe that providing a written record of this additional information is an important aspect of best clinical practice. In addition, the prescription form is designed to reduce tampering through the use of a series of security features. 


BEVA no antibiotic prescription required form

The BEVA no antibiotic prescription required form is available for members.

Click here to access the no antibiotic prescription required form

Information for prescribers