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Vets with Horsepower hit the road again

12 Apr 2024 BEVA

The Vets with Horsepower team are climbing onto their motorcycles for another CPD tour to raise money for four amazing charities. The team leave on the 3000+ miles trip on 28 May and return 12 days later, having stopped for CPD days in the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. To date, the project has raised over £1,000,000; they have supported over 30 different projects in chosen charities.

Their target causes for 2024 are:

1.  Saving The Survivors: Saving The Survivors is a remarkable organization that tends to the needs of endangered wild animals that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

2.  The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust: The GHDT aims to reduce rural poverty in the Gambia through improvements to the health, welfare and productivity of all animals but working animals in particular. 

3.  ChangingLivesMalawi: The people supported by the Foundation live in Ibuluma, a village in the far north of Malawi.   They live in such poverty that they need a helping hand. Our aim, and theirs, is for the community to work towards self-sufficiency in education of children and community life.

4.  KHMER SIGHT FOUNDATION:  Their mission is to eliminate avoidable blindness in Cambodia through the provision of clinical training for local doctors and nurses.  At only £49, a cataract surgery can restore a life!

In addition, the team hope to be able to provide further support for vets in Ukraine and to provide feed for the horses in the war-torn regions where landmines preclude the use of normal pastures for winter forage. Last year they donated £10,000 to provide winter feed and contributed heavily to the finalised delivery of the BEVA POWER TO UKRAINE project.

The team consists of equine vets who also ride motorcycles and the desire to help others. The team is led by Professor Derek Knottenbelt and supported this year by BEVA President Professor Roger Smith, Professor David Bardell, Professor John Burford, Dr Jessica Kidd, Dr Caroline Hahn, Dr Jenny Croft, Dr Dietrich von Schweinitz, Dr Michael Hewetson, Dr Andy Crawford, Dr Ed Whittle and Trevor Croft. Each stop entails a full day of lectures for local vets and are organized in great detail by in country organizers. The project raises funds in four ways: firstly from support from the most caring  veterinary companies worldwide (check out our list of those who support us and support them!).  We also value support from equine practices worldwide, donations by the delegates at each stop and on line personal donations.

If you or your practice are like minded that we need to help those less fortunate, and you feel able to donate, please do so via the website. The support of the entire veterinary community is the reason we have raised so much- to do so many positive things- for so many people and animals.  A moment of kindness helps the world!  Join the “good guys” panel - don’t be left out!

“That light we see is burning in my hall.

How far that little candle throws his beams!

So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”

(Portia, Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare)

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