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Stand in the 2024 BEVA Council elections

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02 May 2024 BEVA

Veterinary Surgeons who want to play their part in ensuring the equine veterinary profession thrive are encouraged to put themselves forward as candidates for BEVA Council.

BEVA Council members oversee the direction and strategy of the Association. They work together to promote and lead the equine veterinary community by representing the industry, advising on domestic and European issues and tackle a wide range of veterinary and welfare topics. 

"I have seen a different aspect of the equine veterinary industry... and I actually think it is one of the best things I have done in my career most recently. I have met some really great people and I am really interested in the projects I am involved in." - Gemma Dransfield, current Council Member

This year there are four vacancies on BEVA Council and the Junior Vice President role. In order to stand, candidates will need to complete a nomination form including a short personal statement. Each candidate who stands must be nominated by two BEVA members, and are required to be either an Ordinary or Concessionary member based in the UK.

Nominations for BEVA Council open today (Friday 3 May 2024) and close at 12 noon on Wednesday 3 July 2024. Following the nomination period, the election period will take place. The election period will be in August 2024 and all eligible BEVA members will be invited to vote. 

Submit your nomination

We'd encourage prospective candidates to contact us for an informal discussion and further information on being on BEVA Council. Please direct enquiries to Claire Goodban.