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Schedule Three guidance for equine veterinary practices

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01 Sep 2023 BEVA

BEVA has launched new guidance to help support equine veterinary professionals and businesses by describing how equine Registered Veterinary Nurses (eRVNs) are permitted to work under Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. This new guidance has been accepted by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and is supported by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA).

"In 2022, the BEVA Equine Nurse Committee ran a survey to identify factors that might be contributing to the recruitment and retention crisis that is affecting the veterinary industry. The lack of understanding of Schedule 3 procedures and a reluctance to delegate appropriate Schedule 3 procedures to eRVNs were both highlighted as significant contributing factors.

We hope that the BEVA Schedule 3 guidelines will contribute positively to the recruitment and retention crisis by helping to facilitate the delegation of Schedule 3 procedures to eRVNs. This in turn will allow eRVNs to have more fulfilling clinical careers which will contribute positively to retention. It is also hoped that the guidelines will help reduce the workload of equine veterinary surgeons and therefore improve their wellbeing and positively affect retention. Overall, it is hoped that the use of the guidelines will lead to improved welfare for equine patients." Marie Rippingale, Chair of the BEVA Nurse Committee.

"We hope that members will join us for a webinar on Thursday 7 September at 8pm to discuss the guidance as well as join us for a live panel debate at BEVA Congress 2023."

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