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From the Committees

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22 Jul 2021 BEVA

BEVA Council members sit on various Committees that are responsible for representing members and the profession to our regulatory bodies, Government and the wider equine industry. They work on a number of projects that aim to improve the health and welfare of the horse and better the working lives of equine veterinary professionals.

Health & Medicine

BEVA’s Health and Medicines Committee have continued to focus on antimicrobial and anthelmintic stewardship. The Committee have been leading on collaborative projects and have been working with the BSAVA, RCVS Knowledge, VMD, BVA and our own anthelmintic working group to further initiatives to encourage the responsible use of these medicines and start to benchmark their use in equine practice.


The Careers Committee continues to develop helpful tools to support new graduates starting out in the equine veterinary profession. Recent developments include a revamp of the BEVA Internship Awareness Programme and a review of the career coaching Leg Up programme. 

Equestrian Sport

The Equestrian Sport Committee continues to help improve dialogue between veterinary practitioners and the relevant competition authorities whilst still maintaining the welfare of the horse as the most important criterion. Recent discussions focused on management of the EHV outbreak, competitions starting back up and the development of the Weatherbys App.

Ethics & Welfare

The Ethics & Welfare Committee are gearing up for the conclusion of the second pilot of our Obesity Project.Several practices have been involved in trialling methods of broaching the subject of obesity with clients on a routine basis, to try and help tackle the problem before it results in laminitis. We vets should not be walking away from these welfare cases without saying anything!

Clinical Practice

BEVA’s Clinical Practice Committee are currently working on completing the revised version of the A.I. Guidance Notes. Following Brexit, we aim to provide an updated document encompassing the changes to the movements of Germinal Products. We hope to publish the new guide “mid-season” allowing us to accommodate recent and necessary changes that have occurred within the new framework. 


BEVA’s Education Committee have taken on board the experiences gained from the last 18 months and will continue to provide practical and online courses to improve accessibility for all. The Transatlantic Equine Clinics, run jointly with AAEP, will cover various topics and include post op reflux in colics and subchondral bone cysts in the stifle. The Clinics provide an opportunity to compare approaches in the States with the UK and Europe.