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Ethics and Welfare Committee Update

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08 Feb 2024 BEVA

Chair of our Ethics and Welfare Committee, Imogen Burrows, provides an update on what the committee have been up to.

Our committee members have been involved in a number of working groups on topics including equine obesity, social license and one called suitably mounted which is addressing rider weight. 

We are pleased to announce the Obesity Tool Kit is now live on the BEVA website. We've worked really hard on this over the last couple of years and would welcome members feedback on the resources we have created. 

During the latest committee meeting, committee members raised a number of welfare concerns relating to horses in train, things that have recently been in the media, how horses are presented, and challenges facing competing horses in terms of medication control. 

We're looking forward to exploring new projects this year and would welcome topics you think the committee should be looking at this year to help support you in practice please get in touch.