Equestrian Sports Committee Meeting Update - 23 November 2022 | British Equine Veterinary Association
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Equestrian Sports Committee Meeting Update - 23 November 2022

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25 Nov 2022 BEVA

The Equestrian Sports Committee met on Wednesday 23 November. Committee Chair Fran James has provided an update including recent discussions with the BHA, FEI and British Equestrian. 

The recent flu vaccination shortage was a main topic of conversation. The BHA has confirmed that the vaccination interval will be six monthly from January 2023. The Weatherby’s app was also discussed and going forwards relevant parties will receive twice daily reminder regarding confirmation of vaccination. Whilst the UK is seeing more normality with supplies, the FEI reports that this is not quite so uniform worldwide and therefore difficulties with vaccination schedules may continue in the short term.

In other news, the BHA has been examining suitability to race and they are keen to enhance input from “home” vets in addition to pre-race trot ups, more information is likely to follow in the coming months.

The Committee discussed recent changes to veterinary regulations approved at the recent FEI General Assembly, the proceedings from which are available online for replay. The Equine Welfare group also presented their interim report with details available at their website.

Lastly British Equestrian have reported a number of updates. World Class Programme athletes, including para-dressage, have qualified for the Paris Olympics and plans are moving rapidly forward for the Paris competition. The Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group (EIDAG) headed by Celia Marr continue to work closely with BEF to advise and direct infectious disease policy, alongside the Emergency Response Group chaired by Jenny Hall. Elsewhere, Brexit and border delays continue to impact on equine welfare and create performance issues. British Equestrian continue to lobby for an urgent resolution to these delays. Also on welfare matters, the BEF has sent up a group to evaluate equestrian sports’ social license to operate, chaired by Professor Madeleine Campbell.