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Clinical Practice Committee Update

Council Updates Clinical Practice Committee BEVA News
16 Feb 2024 BEVA

Chair of our Clinical Practice Committee, Bruce Bladon, provides an update on what the committee have been up to following their meeting on Thursday 15 February 2024. 

Weatherby App 

Concerns have been raised about the Weatherby app as it has not been working as smoothly as hoped. As a result, we have written to Weatherby to raise these concerns and look forward to a discussion with them on this.

Sedating Guidance 

We have just published new guidance for sedating for non-veterinary procedures. This guidance has been developed in conversation with the RCVS and VDS* to help equine vets understand what they are responsible for, and what they are not responsible for. See the guidance. 

Semen Tank Survey 

We sent out a survey at the end of 2023 to collect data about semen tanks and what happens with them. This has been sent to all practices on the BEVA Approved AI List so please do complete this survey if you haven't already. You will have received the survey link by email but if you have misplaced it please email

Tattersalls Vetting Forms

There is a concern that the form for vetting at sales you get at Tattersalls is not the same as the one from the VDS. We are therefore writing to Tattersalls and hope to meet with them soon to address this concern hopefully.


Over the last few months, we have been working on updating the BEVA Guidance on Euthanasia. This is progressing well and is heading to the final stages.

An important part of the work we have been doing is to look at ensuring the role of chronic disease is recognised. 


We reviewed the meeting we had recently with horse insurance providers. The insurers continue to raise concerns about fraud, and we would remind you that when you are filling out insurance forms and writing veterinary reports do make sure they are complete and accurate. Find out more about the outcomes of this meeting.

BEVA Endorsed Groups

We endorsed RAMP a few years ago, and other groups have now asked us about being endorsed. We are reviewing several groups and will provide an update when we have more information.

RCVS Guidelines on 24/7 Coverage 

We feel there has been relatively little change in equine practice and we are therefore not taking any further action. We will be producing some guidelines about the legal position for sharing clinical history. There are a lot of regulations and rules including data protection that need to be considered when sharing data and we think that having clear guidance specific for equine vets will be hugely beneficial. 

RCVS Stakeholder Feedback 

We have also been asked to provide feedback to the RCVS on their initiatives and there was quite a lot of discussion about this which will contribute to the feedback we provide them.

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