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BEVA wants to help our long standing friends and colleagues in Ukraine

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10 Feb 2023 BEVA

The war in Ukraine has been raging for almost a year. The winter has presented people and their animals with incredible challenges with temperatures dipping down to -15 and February and March promise icy conditions and more freezing temperatures. Power cuts forced on entire communities make daily care for displaced and injured horses difficult and emergency veterinary care almost impossible. These power cuts don’t just deprive vets, owners and carers of these horses of light, but of hot water, equipment and sustenance to keep them going as well.

BEVA Trust and World Horse Welfare have a long-standing relationship with the Ukrainian Veterinary Society, with educational trips to Ukraine running for many years prior to the war. The same veterinary surgeons that once warmly welcomed our members and hosted congresses in Kyiv (lots of vodka and opera involved) are now fighting in the army as well as treating animals. Coming up to the war anniversary, we wanted to provide practical help to colleagues and equestrians on the ground. With this aim in mind, the British Equestrians for Ukraine have sourced generators in Germany that we can safely transport to where they are needed in Ukraine. Each generator costs £1,500 and will be life-changing and life-saving for Ukraine’s vulnerable horses. The generators sourced will go to a collection point in Poland and delivery inside Ukraine will be co-ordinated by the veterinary surgeon who once co-ordinated lectures instead.

We have all been in the situation of muddy fields, no lights and no power and can sympathise on that basic level with the difficulties posed by power cuts. Now also try to envisage having to dodge shelling, communicate without having the means to charge your digital equipment and the desperate situation that creates. 

By donating today you will give the gift of Power to Ukraine. Thank you.

Any excess funds will be given to the general fund to support equids in Ukraine.


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