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In 2014 we launched the BEVA Blog via Blogger. A medium that allows our members to air their views on a given topic, as well as their ideas and suggestions for future BEVA events. 

We have had a brilliant response to the posts so far and our members can look forward to some more heated debates. If you would like to contribute to the blog please email Fiona. Posts can be anonymous too!

Previous posts:

Vicki Nicholls on her day volunteering at a BEVA Trust Education and Welfare Castration Clinic by Vicki Nicholls, Senior Vice President

A new era of veterinary politics? By Mark Bowen, University Of Nottingham

Like It Or Loathe - physiotherapists are part of our industry by Andrew Harrison, Three Counties Equine Hospital

Maintaining Clinical Standards in Practice by John Walmsley MA VetMB CertEO DipECVS HonFRCVS

Business is a part of veterinary practice... when will we realise! by Adeel Khan, University Of Nottingham

The Journey of a New Graduate by Josie Faulkner, Valley Equine Veterinary Centre

The ethics of sports medicine and treatment or the challenges in balancing the demands of competition with the duty of care of the equine patient by Ben Sturgeon, BEVA Council Member and Member of BEVA Ethics and Welfare Committee

The Coming Storm? Horse Genetics and You by Ben Sturgeon

The Problem with Women by Vicki Nicholls

Is work killing you and your patients? by Ben Sturgeon

How do you know you exist? by Ben Sturgeon

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Booze - Anon

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